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The art of getting free gift codes

Getting free gift codes online is a true art form that we have perfected over many years. We have joined hundreds of rewards sites aka GPT sites. Not all of these sites are worth your time and some should be avoided because they are a big waste of time. But no worries we have weeded through them all to bring you only the best websites to get gift codes.

Today’s modern rewards sites are far superior to what was available 10 years ago when we started getting free gift codes. You used to have to wait a month or more to receive your code if you received it at all. But that is no longer the case , we only use the best sites now. The sites we use have paid us many times, and very quick. We even get some instantly.

Here are a few of the best sites we use to get free gift codes and a little about them.

  1. – The leader in free gift codes, this site has over 100 free gift codes to choose from. They also have the easiest and fastest ways to get the codes. You can do a variety of things, stuff like watching videos, taking surveys,trying new apps and programs, registering for newsletters and much more.
  2. – This place has instant amazon codes, also Walmart codes. The staff is their to help 24 hours a day. You can even get sent cash via PayPal.
  3. – This is a new modern site with many offer walls packed with the best ways to earn points, once you get 100 points you can get your first $1 amazon gift card instantly.

Those 3 sites are among the best on the web and truly the only sites you will need to get free gift codes. If you would like to check out the 50 best websites, be sure to visit


Get Gift Codes

You can get gift codes for free for all the popular online retailers, Stores, Restaurants and more. I know because I do this every single day and I have literally received Thousands of dollars worth of free gift codes. I have been doing this since 2008 and back then in the beginning I was lost, I joined site after site and found many to be a complete waste of time. But over the years I have come to know and love a select few. These websites I use now are the best sites to earn free gift card codes. I will now list some of these most worthy sites and give you some information about each one.

  • was established back on 2011 and has become the premier site to earn free gift codes and receive them instantly. With over 90 different codes to choose from they have the best selection. The ways to earn are also vast, including but not limited too Search and Win, Visit Websites, Surveys, Videos, Point Booster Codes, Download offers, Refistration Offers, CrowdFlower Tasks, Offer Walls, Email Submits, Trial offers and much more.
  • will put some cash in your pocket or gift codes. Registration is fast and easy and many countries are welcome.You can earn in many ways including a great referral program. Many codes are available with the most popular being instant amazon gift codes.
  • is a great site that pays members in cash or gift code. There is fast support and fast payments. You can get amazon codes instantly. You can also get cash via PayPal or Serve. You can also use the custom reward form to request any gift code that can be purchased by the site for you.
  • has been around for years and paying people in free gift codes and cash, There are great bonus promotions, contests and games. Support is fast and the community of users are also helpful in the on site chat box.

let’s go over a few ways to help you get more free gift codes from the sites mentioned. The fastest way to earn on all of these sites is by completing offers. You will have a much better success rate by following these guidelines.

  1. Turn off popup blockers, like adblock plus and your browsers popup blocker.
  2. Accept third party cookies on your browser.
  3. Do not use proxy connections.
  4. Use new emails that you can create for free on yahoo, hotmail,aol and gmail.
  5. Clean your cookies between completing offers, we suggest ccleaner to do this.
  6. Use Sanboxie on download offers, to keep adware off your computer.
  7. Only create one account on each site and use your real information to register.

Good luck , you can do this! I have been able to earn so much free stuff, free dinners, free amazon stuff and Ebay stuff, even free groceries from Walmart, it’s all possible and millions are doing it.